SMS Marketing in a nutshell


If you are running a SMS campaign, make sure that it is short form text message. Ie. Similar to Pres. Donald Trump’s Tweets, less than 240 characters. This is because most screens are small, and customers appreciate if you are brief and get to the point! (TIME IS MONEY)

2.Use Tracking

"You want to see which group of customers respond best to your offer"

Customers who purchased in the last 6 months, last 3 months, last 1 month etc.

By incorporating tracking into your SMS offers, you can see where the effectiveness of ROI is greatest. After that, it is much easier to target and focus specific campaigns for them in the future.

You can't sell what you don't track.​

You can then utilize the 80-20 principle, focus on the 20% of your best customers who will best benefit from your services

3. Always leave unsub

In addition of the law, it is always important to leave UN as unsub, because SMS is a permission marketing sequence. That means you want those on your SMS contact list to WANT to be on that list. Why bother spending money advertising to unhappy customers?

4. Where Possible, Introduce Scarcity

Its cool to run limited time offers, you can run titles like : “24 Hr Flash Sale” etc, which introduces urgency and scarcity. Granted in a perfect world, every offer runs infinitely, but in the real world, people need to be motivated to act!

5. Timing is Everything

Think about your offer, is it at a time when your target is very sleepy, driving to work etc? If you are sending texts relevant to food, try times when they are deciding where to go for dinner/lunch.

If you can integrate with specific sequenced offers, make it extremely relevant to them. Birthday cake, send (3-4 weeks before birthday date).

6. Extremely Simple Coupon Codes

If you’re running COUPONS for services or ecommerce, use the simplest, shortest coupon you can think of, that is RELEVANT to your target market, or offer. For example, if you are selling dental whitening strips, use coupons like FRESH, or WHITE. If it is time limited, use coupons like 3DAYS, or 24HRS. Just imagine yourself typing it on a 3 inch wide mobile screen, can you make that as easy as possible?

7. Greet them!

When sending SMS, do not go straight into your offer. Either: State your business or Sale, or Greet them (if it’s a holiday). For example do this:

[BABY SHOWER SALE] 20% off Baby Shower Accessories


Happy Easter! We’d love to make your Easter Celebrations Even Better! -Karen’s Bakery

DO NOT use their full name, especially in a first 1-2 messages , unless it is an incredibly admin-ish sms, or there have been already multiple contact points and instances. Customers will find it creepy!

Eg: Hi George McKenny, you have $8.60 left in your credit balance.

8. Think very carefully about the offer

Because SMS is considered an extremely direct form of marketing, make sure it is generous enough (or interesting enough) to send out. Because you want those subscribers to see value in being on your SMS list. A 5% off leftover coffee grinds isn’t going to cut it!

9. Lighthearted

In a similar vein, there should be No hard selling, no scare mongering tactics, you are cultivating an image of your company. Make it fun, and bubbly. Like champagne

10. Implement Feedback Mechanisms (advanced)

You may be able to use feedback mechanisms, (how was your meal, how was your experience) which will 10X your business’s reputation and quickly identify areas of improvement, (such as a shoddy staff service). You may even prevent or pre-empt negative feedback from reaching Yelp or Google Reviews, where they will greatly hurt your business rankings for new prospects. Solve the problem before it becomes a big problem. Make sure the implementation of this is TIMELY,ie. 30 mins-2 hrs, not for example: 2 weeks after a meal which the customer has already forgotten about.

11. Implement Customer Referral Systems (advanced)

Customer referrals which will be the strongest form of marketing known to man: Word-of-Mouth. You will want tosystematize this via automated sequences like I teach in my Facebook group, you will have a continuous flow of new customers referred inwards.

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