Vyco Pro: Video Marketing Made Easy

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Vyco Pro, very low refund rate= buyers are satisfied

Vyco Pro, very low refund rate= buyers are satisfied

Vyco Review – Introduction to Vyco

Vyco captures the very best viral videos from FB dailymotion, and vimeo and youtube to 

Vyco Review – What exactly is Vyco?

Vyco repurposes home videos to make viral content and top 10 lists, IE , top 10 funniest dog videos etc, America Funniest home videos Etc that make it easy to viralise your content, then you can remarket to that list easily

Vyco Review – Who should use Vyco

FB advertisers who want to lower their ad costs and build cheaper distribution

Content marketers

Ecommerce Folks​

Vyco Review – Why should You use Vyco

Quickly captures the most viral content, allows you to model and copy the most viral (best of the best)

You can copy the 50 most successful products

You can copy the 50 most successful campaigns

You can copy the 50 most active niches

Vyco Review – The Sales Funnel

Vyco OTO 1: Vyco Training Bootcamp

2 Weeks of Live over the shoulder, raw Facebook Ads and Ecommerce training. 3 top ecom and ads experts (Mo Miah, John Gibb and Ricky Mataka) showed their stores, their ads accounts, their team and management systems. They gave their conversions theme along with many scaling tactics LIVE to everyone who joined.

They decided to make this into a class environment and broke the boot camp modules into bite size and consumable content. With dozens and dozens of solid reviews and happy students

The 2 week boot camp will provide you a experience you cannot find in any course delivered live over the shoulder from 3 top ecom and ads experts!

Vyco OTO 2: User Growth Software

Exactly what name says, Vyco vendors have only released this software to their hight ticket 6K clients. Its a eminence suite of tools that allow sneaky placements of tracking and retargeting codes on ANY website. Which allows us to build HUGE responsive multi channel lists. Its all wrapped up clean statistical interface where you can manage 4 ninja tactics Mo Miah, John Gibb and Ricky Mataka use to grow their userbase.

They only sold this one time for 497 via webinar, they had such a great response on it they went to work and made it even better. They are including it inside the Vyco funnel as it will add massive congruent value.

Vyco OTO 3: Vyco Agency License
Here you will be able to distribute 20 additional license keys to your virtual assistants and keep 100% of the profit. This will be a no-brainer offer for you when you’re looking to scale things up.

Vyco Pro Bonus Collection

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BONUSES for Vyco Pro:

Drag and Drop Landing Page Maker: SqueezeMatic (worth $20/monthly)​ + Video Takeover Cloud Software (Worth $47 One Time)

BONUSES for purchase of any of the upsell OTO:

Shoplicate: FOR FIRST 20 BUYERS of the One-time-upsell ONLY

shopify top 10 hot selling product finder Shoplicate.

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